The Canine Instructors Academy

We are proud to be a part of Robert Alleyne's, The Canine Instructors Academy. It is a great opportunity to develop our skills and knowledge but also to gather with fellow trainers.

The CIA is also for YOU, if you are thinking about becoming a Behavioural Trainer or want to know more about the world of dogs.

A Five Day residential course at our amazing training facility in Suffolk (as seen on the hugely successful BBC TV programme, Dog Borstal)

The course includes lectures from Robert and other knowledgeable expert speakers, as well as the opportunity to train exercises with real pet owners under the guidance of expert tutors.

Year on year, the behaviour of pet dogs gets worse rather than better. The average age of a dog going into rescue is apparently now only eight months old - they're still practically puppies at the point when their owners give up on them! And yet there has never been more information on how to educate dogs. There have never been more trainers and behaviourists offering their services on how to prevent problems or alleviate existing ones. So what is going wrong?

I set up the Canine Instructor Academy to address what I see as the biggest problem in dog training and behaviour - dog trainers and behaviourists. There are so many courses out there now suggesting that they will make you an effective educator, but they are often set up and run by people who don't themselves train dogs, some of whom have actually never been dog trainers or behaviourists themselves! And eager students may pay thousands of pounds believing the course will teach them how to train owners to train dogs effectively.

Science has taught us so much about dogs, but I see so many courses that are in my opinion far too science-based, teaching students training that may absolutely work in a scientific setting, but when you try to get an owner to follow that technique in a real-life situation, it is so labour-intensive and/or impractical that the owner is unable to follow through with it, and so heart-broken as they are to do so, they finally give up and put the dog in rescue - or worse.

The five day residential course runs from Monday morning to Friday afternoon, and are held at an amazing training facility in Suffolk, some of you will recognise the site from the hugely successful television programme Dog Borstal. Each day there will be lectures from both Robert Alleyne, and from other vastly knowledgeable expert speakers. There will also be demonstrations, and daily opportunities to train exercises with real pet owners and their dogs under the guidance and supervision of Robert and his staff. Accommodation is available on-site, and breakfast, lunch and refreshments are also provided. Evening meals can be obtained at nearby village pubs and restaurants.

Camping is also available on-site, though there are local campsites and B&B's for people who may wish to stay off-site. The number of students on each course will be limited. Further information about the course and dates are published on the website.

Check out Robert's Website for more information....

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