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About Us

Man with glasses holding bag during daytime

My name is Dan and I have been working with dogs for over 10 years.

I worked in rescue, and still do, for a number of them years dealing with various breeds, each one presenting new challenges.

I have owned a number of dogs over the years varying in sizes and behavioural challenges.

Having completed the Canine Instructors Academy I have a Diploma in Canine Training and am fortunate enough to attend the Canine Instructors Academy as one of Robert Alleyne's (BBc's Dog Borstal) instructors.

My passion is helping owners who need help with their troubled pooch and we are here to help and support you.

Man with glasses holding bag during daytime


Behavioural trainer


Ellen is one of our trainers who also runs Peggy's mission covering Lewisham and surrounding areas.

Ellen has spent a number of years helping rescue dogs around the UK.

Ellen is devoted to helping dogs and their owners to have a fruitful relationship .

Man with glasses holding bag during daytime


Behavioural trainer


Pat is one of our lovely trainers who also does a bit of dog walking.

Pat also helps rescue dogs and various other animals in need and has been working with us for a number of years now.

Pat enjoys working with all dogs but has a particular soft spot for staffys, especially having two of her own.

Pat has a dedication and devotion to helping dogs and loves working them in various different exercises.