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Dan Salliss

Head trainer

My name is Dan and I have been working with dogs for around about 10 years plus.

I have worked in rescue for a lot of that time which has enabled me to work alongside many dogs of different breeds and temperaments. Over the years my role has been to rehabilitate and rehome the dogs that have come my way.

Rescue dogs own a special place in my heart but I have a love and a passion for all dogs no matter what their path in life.

I currently own three dogs myself, two Staffies and a Cocker spaniel and have owned many other breeds in the past ranging from small poodle crosses, a terrier and a Rottie shepherd mix from Romania.

Working in rescue I had heard many horror stories of training that had gone terribly wrong, people being charged astronomical amounts of money to get their dog 'fixed', or just training that did not make sense to the owner, resulting in the dog being handed to rescue because the owners could no longer cope so I became determined to set up a training club where we could not only offer affordable training but support and encourage families to the best of our ability to get the dog they dreamt of.

I am very fortunate to be part of a great team of trainers who assist Robert Alleyne with The Canine Instructors Academy. Robert has been a great friend and mentor in my career and therefore to be part of the CIA is a great honour to assist Robert in helping new Behavioural Trainers develop and grow.