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Dan came to help with our dog Strummer’s anxiety around traffic (which seemed to arise after lockdown). A car couldn’t pass without Strummer cowering, flinching and often yelping. It got to the point I wouldn’t take him anywhere there was a busy road, as it was just too stressful. We were lost as to how to help him, we tried every method I read about etc. Finally contacted CCDC and Dan came over and showed me how to respond to Strummer’s behaviour (I actually realised all I was doing before was just encouraging his behaviour) and within the space of a week Strummer was already showing signs of coping better. Now, about 6 months down the line, Strummer enjoys long walks alongside busy roads and lives a much happier, less anxious life again. Genuinely cannot recommend these guys enough. Total game changer! You can really tell Dan knows and loves dogs. And constant contact and advice over the phone and WhatsApp.



Wish I could give more than 5 stars!
Thank you so much to Dan, Lauren, Lawrence and Pat for your amazing lessons. When we first got our pup, we really struggled with walking on the lead and him trying to eat everything!!!
Dan and his team was highly recommended to me by 2 friends and I’m so glad we joined. I never thought I would see the day where my pup would walk so nicely on the lead! What a massive turnaround!!!
I cannot recommend Croydon Companion Dog Club enough. If you’re really struggling with your puppy or dog, these guys are the one to call! 😊


Tiambe & Dee

This week @Bodhi_thelittleboston completed his 9 week @croydoncompaniondogclub training course 🎉

I’ve had dogs for as long as I can remember but I’m not too proud to shout for help when I need it! So when I realised Bodhi wasn’t growing into the little companion I wanted him to be- I knew I had to do better 😉

9 weeks later and we have seen many awesome achievements;
• he walks nicer on lead (not always, but that is down to me to perfect)
• he will sit and stay (nailed this)
• he will leave (nailed this)
• he will pass other dogs without launching

These foundations will allow me to be able to build a better and more trusting relationship with Bodhi and most importantly allow Bodhi many more occasions to be a “good boy” which he actually loves to hear (because it’s usually followed with treats 😂)

MASSIVE THANKS to Dan & Lauren for running an affordable and friendly program and making basic training accessible! We absolutely LOVED attending class and might join again just for fun



amazing trainer and always very helpful, we now have a very well behaved pooch. thank you 😉


Dan Y

Would highly recommend taking these training classes .Dan and his staff are amazing . We took our rescue cocker spaniel and the results have been incredible


Mark and Sarah

I would highly recommend the 9 week classes. Our unique situation with and exuberant brother and his shy sister pup, created an interesting situation. Dan gave us good advice and tips on how to deal with them.



Having a dog has been a thousand times more enjoyable since our Behaviour Consultation with Dan.

We have our 6 year old Rudy for less than a week before he started reacting to people in our very busy neighbourhood. Both my partner and I were in a high state of anxiety before and after every walk to a point we resorted using a muzzle as a precaution.

Dan listened to everything we were worried about and gave his advice in an honest and friendly way. By the end of the session my partner and I were amazed at his progress in just a few hours. A few weeks later and Rudy is now trotting around the neighbourhood happily ignoring people and dogs.

We also had 4 weeks follow up advice which was so helpful. We felt supported even after the consultation and Dan would check in to see how we were getting on and answered any questions we had.

I would recommend Dan to anyone struggling with dog behaviour problems. We would absolutely get in touch again if we needed anything.



just completed the 9 week training course with our new rescue pup Roxy as we wanted to start off with some solid advice as she is rather excitable. Dan and Lauren were fantastic and provided guidance and support throughout, both highly knowledgeable

Roxy enjoyed the classes and we all found them highly valuable. .


Jess M

Dan and Lauren are absolutely brilliant, my XL bully puppy rolo just finished he's 9 week training course, started at 11 weeks now he's 20 weeks and where he has doubled in size the training has made everything a pleasure without worrying about him being a nut job around my pregnant partner. Dan and Lauren are 100% about the dogs first and actually care about the progress can not recommend enough they do everything to accommodate for your individual needs whilst also making sure your on track with the training 5 stars isn't enough for the guys at Croydon companion dog club absolutely brilliant



Dan came to help us with our 11 month old cockapoo Alfie, who had some behavioural problems that we were struggling to manage.

Dan was very kind and helpful and obviously has a wealth of knowledge to help with dog training. I was impressed with his patience and different training techniques. He showed us how to keep the training he put in place ongoing and put a plan together to give us the best chance of success.

We have had a lot of questions and help since he came to see us and Dan has been very responsive and regularly contacts us to see how we are getting on. He makes new suggestions where required and I honestly think that Dan has really helped us. For the first time I feel like that we have a training plan that we can manage going forward to enable us to have a well behaved dog.

I highly recommend Dan for any behavioural issues that you may have with your dog and would happily use him again if I ever require more help.



Our dog lacked any kind of manners at home, he would jump up and grab our clothes. One session with Dan and we now have a relaxed, calm, and well mannered boy. Thank you



Dan certainly knows his stuff and I already can see a change in him. My walk tonight was so much better, even when walking past dogs barking at him and people in drives he has already stopped reacting. I feel so much more positive now. Thank you



So so grateful for your help. You have saved an amazing dog and their family from disaster. Thank you so much.


Stronger Together Animal Rescue

Really good training course. Covers all different aspects of training your dog. They have a plan but are happy to help with everything. Always helpful and informative and all info followed up on whatsapp and videos.



Croydon Companion Dog Club came out and helped our 10 - 11 month old puppy. They knew of multiple techniques to get the best results. We had a one to one session as well as being able to communicate over email and phone. The sessions never felt rushed and were hugely beneficial. I would 100% recommend.



Dan and Jess offered a bespoke course for our dog after we detailed two things we were struggling with. We set up a whatsapp group so we felt we had their communication and advice at our finger tips. Dan would provide several solutions to any problems we were having. Very friendly and clearly very passionate about what they do. Would 100% go back for any further training needs.