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Behaviour consultations

Dealing with a dog who has a serious behaviour problem can be tiring and hard work. Our behaviour consultations are designed to support you with some of the more complex behaviours. These are held at your home and last for up to 4 hours. We detail all problems you may be having with your dog and then together we work through them to help you fix them.

You then receive 4 weeks free follow up after your initial visit.

Our behaviour consults deal with:

  • Dog to dog aggression.

  • Dog to human aggression

  • Seperation anxiety

  • Resource guarding

  • And much more.

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121 sessions

121 Sessions are designed to give you as much support as you need within the comfort of your home. Our 121 sessions are great if you have a dog that is vocal towards other dogs and therefore cannot attend a class environment, or for anyone who wants time spent with them to ensure their dogs needs are met fully but on a one to one basis with all attention on you and your dog.

Our 121 sessions can cover any basic training needs you may have in the comfort of your own home.

Our 121 sessions offer you training, without having to share the trainer with the rest of the class.

Our 121 sessions include the following

  • A home visit and consultation.

  • A practical step by step training session..

  • ongoing email and phone support after the visit.

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9 week training classes

We offer you a 9 week training course teaching you all the basic obedience we believe is important for EVERY dog owner to know. This covers just some of the following

  • loose lead walking

  • leave command

  • wait

  • recall and much much more.

The 9 week course includes a preparation night which will prepare you for the coming weeks of training.

The 9 week course is suitable for all dogs of all ages and breeds. If your dog is vocal towards other dogs you may be better suited to a 121 session.

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Puppy consultation and one to ones

We offer a one off training session in your home to cover any of the puppy basics that you need. This session can last up to two hours and can cover anything that you think would be helpful to you and your pup. Some of the exercises we can cover are detailed below.;

  • walking nicely on the lead

  • socialising correctly

  • leave command

  • on your bed and more

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Scent Workshops

We offer a 4 hour workshop on teaching our dogs to find a scent. This is a fun activity to have with your dog. It helps to build the relationship and trust you need to have with your dog.

We start off easy and aim to build the dog up throughout the workshop with short breaks to allow you and your dog to rest.

For more information contact us using our contact form

Puppy Pre School

Puppy Pre School

Are you wondering what to do once you have dropped the kids to school?

Want to get busy doing some training with your new puppy?

Puppy Pre school is an opportunity to get the basics in with your puppy. This 4 week course is designed for puppies up to 6 months old.

It is a great opportunity to have some fun and build a relationship with your pup .

Social Walks

Social Walks

If you have a dog that runs up to other dogs and completely lacks focus in you our social walks are aimed to help you build up some focus on you rather than anything else that may distract your dog.

This fun filled walk lasts for around 2 hours and is designed for over friendly dogs or dogs who struggle around other dogs.

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